Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Ben Ashworth

Hooked up with Ben Ashworth today, the poor guy I'd been stalking on twitter.

He'd agreed to take a look at my shoulders all in the name of science, as long as I was happy for anything found to be used for teaching purposes.  Which of course anyone in their right mind would agree to faced with a CV like Ben's.

Started with some history and some ROM, strength & mobility assessments. Which good for me, not so much for Ben, are all within acceptable range.

We ran through some upper body exercises I could start to integrate back into my program, things to watch for and modify to keep the shoulder in a happy place.  Eg watch the elbow travel for push/pull, don't let them pass the body in either direction.  Worked on how to find a neutral shoulder position and a brutal lat stretch.

Came away with the thought that yeah I have a shoulder problem but its manageable, I'm not a pro sportsman and its probably a bit late for me to become one, so start to ease back into a general program and be mindful of what I'm doing and importantly how I'm doing it.

Ben's approach was simple & pragmatic, don't over think things, take care of the basics.  The guy rightly has a rep to be proud of and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him, and or seek him out again.

So a big thank you to Ben, and sorry there wasn't a great deal for you to find.

Onwards and up, no, not up, onwards and neutral!

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