Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Ben Ashworth

Hooked up with Ben Ashworth today, the poor guy I'd been stalking on twitter.

He'd agreed to take a look at my shoulders all in the name of science, as long as I was happy for anything found to be used for teaching purposes.  Which of course anyone in their right mind would agree to faced with a CV like Ben's.

Started with some history and some ROM, strength & mobility assessments. Which good for me, not so much for Ben, are all within acceptable range.

We ran through some upper body exercises I could start to integrate back into my program, things to watch for and modify to keep the shoulder in a happy place.  Eg watch the elbow travel for push/pull, don't let them pass the body in either direction.  Worked on how to find a neutral shoulder position and a brutal lat stretch.

Came away with the thought that yeah I have a shoulder problem but its manageable, I'm not a pro sportsman and its probably a bit late for me to become one, so start to ease back into a general program and be mindful of what I'm doing and importantly how I'm doing it.

Ben's approach was simple & pragmatic, don't over think things, take care of the basics.  The guy rightly has a rep to be proud of and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him, and or seek him out again.

So a big thank you to Ben, and sorry there wasn't a great deal for you to find.

Onwards and up, no, not up, onwards and neutral!

Friday, 7 February 2014

No real change ..

Arm abduction seems better at the very top, certainly less painful than it was but arm flexion is painful in the same area. Deep ache has not returned.

Pushing the legs in the gym in an effort to get some ski fitness in them and just starting to add some shoulder exercises back in.  Very light, very few reps, just to see if there's any reaction.

Still scheduled to see the shoulder guy at the end of the month.  And interestingly I got chatting to a girl in the gym who I'd heard had shoulder surgery before Christmas.  Turns out it was in the summer and her shoulder was a wreck.  Full SLAP, rotator cuff damage etc.  Final tear happened whilst pushing the flat bar bell bench, of course it was.  The should be renamed flat barbell destroyer of shoulders.  They should be removed from all gyms unless supervised!

She's making good progress with range but poor strength.  Turns out she also visited the same shoulder guy via a family connection & spoke very highly of him.  We also swapped surgeons, my list is growing.

Friday, 10 January 2014

10 Days ...

With no ache pain.  And in the other movements the pain is really low, unless theres a set back I'd estimate 1-2 weeks and potentially pain free!

Had some stunning news today as well.  I've been stalking physio's on twitter and one recently sent a shoulder tweet out.  This resulted in conversation between us and him recommending someone for me to talk to in London.

Google was not very helpful but I contacted him anyway.  The result being he's currently working at a major sports club and has offered to see me for a session sometime in the next month or so.

And the best part, other than him being one of the foremost shoulder experts in the country, is its free, nada, zero! .. As long as I'm happy being a case study if theres anything worthy in my injuries and/or rehab.  Damn right I'm happy.

I have high hopes for this and for the first time in a long time I'm in a relatively good place.

Returned to the gym this week abut only working on fitness and lower body, good ski prep for later in the Spring and keeps my stress levels down.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Two days 'ache' free

And anyone with shoulder problems knows that deep dark ache that I mean.

Not sure if its anything I am doing. I'm wearing an Under Armour cold gear compression top to sleep in & the lacrosse ball work has released the tender points at what I think is the infraspinatus and teres minor insertion point.  Other than that its just stretching & using a heat bag a few times a day.

All other movements have the same symptoms ..