Friday, 7 February 2014

No real change ..

Arm abduction seems better at the very top, certainly less painful than it was but arm flexion is painful in the same area. Deep ache has not returned.

Pushing the legs in the gym in an effort to get some ski fitness in them and just starting to add some shoulder exercises back in.  Very light, very few reps, just to see if there's any reaction.

Still scheduled to see the shoulder guy at the end of the month.  And interestingly I got chatting to a girl in the gym who I'd heard had shoulder surgery before Christmas.  Turns out it was in the summer and her shoulder was a wreck.  Full SLAP, rotator cuff damage etc.  Final tear happened whilst pushing the flat bar bell bench, of course it was.  The should be renamed flat barbell destroyer of shoulders.  They should be removed from all gyms unless supervised!

She's making good progress with range but poor strength.  Turns out she also visited the same shoulder guy via a family connection & spoke very highly of him.  We also swapped surgeons, my list is growing.

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