Friday, 10 January 2014

10 Days ...

With no ache pain.  And in the other movements the pain is really low, unless theres a set back I'd estimate 1-2 weeks and potentially pain free!

Had some stunning news today as well.  I've been stalking physio's on twitter and one recently sent a shoulder tweet out.  This resulted in conversation between us and him recommending someone for me to talk to in London.

Google was not very helpful but I contacted him anyway.  The result being he's currently working at a major sports club and has offered to see me for a session sometime in the next month or so.

And the best part, other than him being one of the foremost shoulder experts in the country, is its free, nada, zero! .. As long as I'm happy being a case study if theres anything worthy in my injuries and/or rehab.  Damn right I'm happy.

I have high hopes for this and for the first time in a long time I'm in a relatively good place.

Returned to the gym this week abut only working on fitness and lower body, good ski prep for later in the Spring and keeps my stress levels down.

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